Friday, June 22, 2007

Amazon Daily

Did you guys know about Amazon Daily? I swear, I visit this site all the time (spent way too much money there this week...just the camera alone, LOL), and just now saw this. I was visiting my Profile page, just updating my booklist (my Blog is RSS fed over there...some kind of magic web thing that Deborah MacGillivray, a fellow author, suggested. She is the guru of all things Amazon Connect, I swear) and noticed that it said "Shirley Jump is on Amazon Daily."

Hmm...I say. Wonder what that is. Off I trot to the Amazon home page and scroll down and there is a link to Amazon Daily. It's an editor's pick of the blogs of the day. Apparently my two were picked. The one on the Booksquare post (not one of my best...guys, pick a recipe post!) and the one on Dolphin Training. Okay, so I have better posts. Now it's making me want to achieve better posts.

Ah, the pressure. Must post better posts... :-)

So, I guess that will mean that adding a long diatribe about my visit to the dentist would be out, huh? We'll stick to stuff people care about, like the recipes (hey, I had several recently: Miracle Breaded Herb Chicken, Barbecue Chicken with a Twist, Ranch Cheddar Chicken and the ever-popular, though Lord only knows why, Pork Tenderloin Roast with Balsamic Vinagrette.)

Tonight, I start reading Harlan Coben's newest book. Oh, and I bought a Light Wedge for a book light after seeing one on Oprah. They're kind of cool but also kind of a pain (because I read really fast, so I have to move it from page to page a lot). I can't decide if I like it or not. Will try a couple more books with it and then report back.


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